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Compressors belonging to RL series are volumetric machines of robust construction having rotors designed with tri-lobe profile to gain the highest efficiency but also reduce the discharge pulsations. Suitable for any application that requires the handling of large air flow, it is possible to achieve either 1 bar max. overpressure or 500 mbar max. in vacuum. Thanks to the V-belt drive, these machines can provide a very wide operating range therefore can be selected to offer the highest effi ciency at the duty point. All units can be equipped with accessories but also with special noise enclosures to comply with the standards and the environment.



Flow rate: 100-15000 (m3/h)

Pressure: 0 ÷ +1000 (mbar rel.)

Vacuum: -500 (mbar rel.)



> Pneumatic conveying

> Waste water treatment

> Gas extraction systems


Supply solutions

Bareshaft blower
Blower unit with accessories but without noise enclosure

Blower unit with accessories including noise enclosure