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The Company

I.VA.CO. company, settled in the northern area of Milan, is an already widely known brand of blowers, vacuum pumps and industrial fans that has reached remarkable results in a few time thanks to its experienced and closely-knit team. Our experts decided to join their talent, skills and knowledge to work successfully together with great commitment and enthusiasm, obtaining more and more prestigious goals. 

Our mission:
Provide to our customers unique products, offer and fi nd new solutions able to satisfy every needs of the market. 
Our daily challenge is to overcome our standards in order to satisfy every market demands.




Side Channel Blowers,  Vacuum Pumps, Industrial Fans

Side channel blowers
Blowers can operate either as exhausters or compressors and are designed for continuous operation.
Flow rate
20-2500 (m3/h)

0 ÷ - 1000 (mbal rel.)
0 ÷ - 700 (mbal rel.)

Each I.VA.CO. centrifugal turbo-blower is manufactured with the maximum attention.
Flow rate
100-6.400 (m3/h)
+10 ÷ +360 (mbal rel.)
50 ÷ - 300 (mbal rel.)

Rotary lobe blowers
Compressors belonging to RL series are volumetric machines of robust construction having rotors designed with tri-lobe profile.
Flow rate
100 -15000 (m3/h)
0 ÷ + 1000 (mbal rel.)
- 500 (mbal rel.)


I.VA.CO. membrane diffusers have a rubber surface with micro holes .
Flow rate
2-20 (m3/h)

Oil-free rotary vane vacuum pumps
Oil-free dry vacuum pumps belonging to the DR series are blade rotary types with rotor supported by bearings.
Flow rate
3,5 - 250 (m3/h)
+200 ÷ 1500 (bar)
0 ÷ 400 (mbal abs.)

Oil rotary vane vacuum pumps
Oil lubricated vacuum pumps with oil recirculation belonging to the OL series flanged motor and are automatically lubricated
Flow rate
4-700 (m3/h)
0,1 - 400  (mbal abs.)


Claw pumps
The ICV-ICP series pumps are dry contact-less vacuum and compressor pumps with modular constructions consisting of compartments.
Flow rate
Vacuum: 60-1000 (m3/h)
Compressor duty: 60-500 (m3/h)
Vacuum: 50 (mbar abs.)
Compressor duty: 2.2 (bar)

Liquid ring vacuum pumps
Designed and manufactured to be used in the most critical applications.
Flow rate
26-47000 (m3/h)
33 (mbar abs.)

Centrifugal and axial industrial fans
I.VA.CO. fans division consists of a team of qualified technicians with wide and relevant experience.
Flow rate
100-1.000.000 (m3/h)
0 -40.000 (Pa)

Industrial ceiling fans
Axial fans are designed to turn at low speed and to be used in any place where there is high air volume.
Flow rate
 100.000-490.000 (m3/h)



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